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The Gun Tailor

Lance customizes your gunstock to fit you. This requires a one-on-one fitting with you and your gun. Lance's workshop is a mobile trailer and he travels from shooting clubs to shooting events and sportsmen's clubs. Lance will come to your home if you or your friends have four or five guns to be fitted.

Some trade secrets are best kept secret, but the services Lance provides helps level the playing field in competitions.

Lance has helped:

  • Hall of Fame trap shooters
  • Hall of Fame skeet shooters
  • State Champion sporting clay shooters
  • World Champion pigeon shooters
  • Police Chiefs
  • Olympic hopefuls
  • Big game hunters
  • Wing shooters
  • Sportsmen

Your gun and your body should swing as one following your target. Your gun stock should fit the same every time you mount for a shot, this provides the consistency and control you need to be properly aligned. These same principles apply to target shooting or hunting.

Yes, Cutting your gun stock is scary! You just spent $1,000, $5,000 or maybe even $100,000 on your shotgun or rifle! You may have even spent $2,000 or more for custom wood for your stock! The stock is a beautiful piece of wood and a large part of your choice to buy, and Lance wants to cut it to adjust the stock? Well, did you buy the gun to put it on the shelf or trade it? Then oil it up and put it in your gun safe. Or did you buy it to use it, hit targets, break clays, increase your score, or hit game? Then let Lance make your stock fit YOU!


A properly fitting gun stock on a shotgun is like a scope on a rifle: you mount it to your cheek, shoulder and eye and your body and gun are in line so you can see your target properly and follow it.


Every gun stock consideration for shotguns applies to rifles for different reasons. Yes, you may have a scope, you still want proper recoil (no muzzle jump), proper eye alignment, proper grip to hit your targets, at the range or in the field.