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What Lance Can Do For You

Lance Keller is constantly fine tuning his skill under the tutelage of a master stock smith.

Lance does not work on the metal or mechanics of the gun, nor does he send or receive guns in the mail.

Having your stock cut is like watching your wife go into surgery. You just spent a lot of money, what if something goes wrong? Scary. But let Lance explain what he will do, ask questions, make sure it makes sense to you. Then trust that you will end up with a gun that does what you bought it for, hit your targets, much better than before.

Even twins will have different stock fits! Twins may have been born the same, but have different life experiences and will have different hand grips, different shoulder builds and more all resulting in likely an entirely different gun stock fit!

Some of you are reluctant to have the stock of your kid's guns fit to them because they're growing. You don't want to spend the money until they are grown up. But don't you want them to hit their target? Won't they have more fun is they're successful? Won't they grow up as a shooting enthusiast if the stock is comfortable and helps them hit their targets?

Are you willing to pay for instruction but not gun stock fitting? Do you want to pay an instructor to teach you bad habits to compensate for a bad stock fit? Wouldn't the money be better spent after the stock fits YOU properly?

Stock Fit

A gun stock that doesn't fit you can cause you to shoot many feet below or over your target, or roll the gun, pull out of your mount and even point left and right at the same time! Shooting is really a lot more fun when you can hit what you point at!

Lance's purpose is to fit your stock to you. Lance will fit, repair or refinish shotguns or rifles.

There is no way a manufacturer can fit you with a factory stock. If your gun fits you from the factory you're very lucky. Chances are you only "think" it fits! Because the stock was not designed to fit you:

  • Many shotguns shoot several feet lower than where you are putting the bead.
  • If you are not viewing down the center of the rib, you are canting or rolling the gun and it will cause you to shoot left or right of the target.
  • If the stock is too long it will cause your gun to pull off the mount as you swing on your target.
  • If the stock is too short it will cause you to hit your nose or with a rifle get hit with your scope on forehead.
  • Improper fit will cause you to lose a competition or miss prey in the field.
  • If the comb is too high or too low it makes the gun shoot higher or lower than where you are aiming.

Accuracy Depends on a Proper Fitting Stock!

Tailored Gun Stocks

Custom tailored gun stocks are not what the sportsman gets when buying a shotgun, rifle or handgun off the shelf at a local gun dealer. Even the most expensive shotgun will have to be fitted to the shooter for the gun to hit where you are aiming and pattern appropriately for the game you are shooting.

A custom fitting is just that. Lance needs you AND your gun to make a custom fit. Sending just your gun to Lance would not do any good!

Once the gun is measured to you the stock needs to be cut and refit. There are several things Lance can do to build up, lengthen or repair a stock.